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Accidental Poisoning in Children

Once children become old enough to move throughout the house by any means, many dangers can befall them. They should be closely watched at all times to help ensure their continued safety. The house should also be completely child-proofed. But while parents and caretakers are often vigilant about removing items that children can injure themselves on or with, they sometimes fail to properly keep medications, cleaners and other possible poisons out of reach. As a result, each year about 91,000 kids ages 14 and under are treated in emergency rooms for accidental poisoning.

Potential Poisoning Agents

Although there are countless items that can cause poisoning in children, certain types of poisoning are more common than others. Some of the top offenders include:

  • Household cleaning products. If you are not positive whether or not a product is poisonous, assume it is. Items such as toilet cleaner, dishwasher detergent, oven cleaner, drain de-clogging agents and anything else of a similar nature should be kept far away from children.
  • Prescription or over the counter drugs. While both types of drugs are dangerous, prescription drugs contain much stronger dosages than OTC drugs and can cause quick organ failure and death.
  • Household plants. Plants are easy to forget about as they appear harmless but many common indoor plants can be deadly.
  • Pesticides and paint-thinner.

Accidental poisoning of a child is often due to the neglect of a caretaker. Even if a parent removes all potentially poisonous agents from a child’s reach, a caretaker may leave his or her own personal items out.

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