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Accidents Caused by Bicyclists

Car accidents between vehicles and bicycles occur in the U.S. every day, and many of these accidents are caused by dangerous vehicle drivers. However, sometimes such accidents are the result of dangerous behavior on the part of a bicyclist. In fact, in many cases drivers get in accidents because they are trying to avoid colliding with a bicyclist who is engaging in unsafe behavior.

Just as motor vehicle drivers can be held liable for their dangerous behaviors and the repercussions of these behaviors, so too can bicyclists. Thus, when a person is injured in an accident because a bicyclist acted in an unsafe manner, he or she can potentially take legal action against them.

Dangerous Bicyclist Behavior

Bicyclists are governed by many of the same traffic laws as other drivers, but sometimes they violate such laws through unsafe behavior such as:

  • Not indicating turns or lane changes
  • Not remaining in designated bike lanes
  • Swerving between lanes, especially at high traffic times
  • Coasting through red lights or stop signs

Any of these behaviors are unsafe and could easily cause serious car accidents and subsequent injuries. Unfortunately, many innocent drivers are the victims of dangerous bicyclists every day and are left to cope with the consequences. These consequences might include both physical injury and financial burdens, especially if the injuries involved require extensive medical attention.

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