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Aggressive Dog Indicators

Many people do not consider the fact that their pet may be capable of harming or even attacking another dog or human. People get blinded by affection for their own dog and as such, are unable to see the warning signs when they present themselves.

Aggressive dogs are a serious danger not only to strangers and other dogs, but to the dog’s owner as well. It is important to realize early on if your dog displays aggressive behavior so that you can take the necessary preventative steps to keep yourself and others safe.

Dominance Aggression

Dogs are naturally inclined to assert dominance over the other animals, or even people, that they are around. It is important, therefore, to establish early on that you, and not your dog, are the dominant member in the relationship.

You should also be careful to avoid actions that a dog may interpret as overtly aggressive, as they may be inclined to fight back. Grabbing a dog over the shoulder or hugging them tightly may provoke an aggressive response.

Fear Aggression

Dogs may respond aggressively when they feel afraid or threatened. It is important to remember that it is not the presence of fear in reality that matters, but what the dog perceives that is important.

As such, a dog that has been adopted from an animal shelter may be afraid of certain movements or situations that you cannot predict in advance—especially if they were beaten by their previous owner. It is important to notice any responses like this, and to avoid those actions / situations to prevent further aggression.

Territorial Aggression

Territorial aggression refers to a dog’s desire to protect what it understands as “his or her territory”. This may include the bed where it sleeps, your house, or even your neighborhood. It might react aggressively to other dogs or people that it feels are trying to occupy “its territory”.

Rare / Idiopathic Aggression

This type of aggression has no identifiable causes or stimuli, and is believed to be genetic.

Most dogs have the potential to exhibit aggressive behavior, and this risk should be taken seriously by all dog owners. If your dog displays any aggressive behavior, you may want to have the dog spayed or neutered, or enrolled in obedience training to try and eliminate any risk to you or others.

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