Airbag Safety

Airbags are designed to deploy at rapid speeds through the use of explosives. While they are intended to protect and are important safety features in automobiles, they are also capable of causing injuries and even fatalities. Most injuries result upon initial deployment of the airbag and affect the face, arms and chest. Common injuries include:

  • Burns
  • Breaking of the nose, fingers, arms, or hands
  • Loss of hearing (from the loud noise accompanying airbag deployment)
  • Head injuries
  • Minor skin abrasions

In 1990, the first airbag fatality was reported. 1997 saw the highest number of airbag-related deaths, with 53 reported that year. Since that time, fatalities have declined considerably, but injuries are still a frequent occurrence.

Automobile manufacturers have designed airbags to be deployed at lesser speeds in the hopes of reducing fatalities and injuries, but there are still preventative measures that individuals can take to protect themselves.

An easy trick for both drivers and passengers is to simply remember the number 25. For protection, drivers are advised to sit so that their chest is approximately 25 inches away from the center of the steering wheel, and passengers should sit so that the center of their chest is 25 centimeters away from the panel on the dashboard from which the airbag deploys.

In cars featuring side airbags, it is important that the person seated never lean against the window or door of the car. Also, no items should be placed between the occupants and the airbag deployment panel on the side door. Children under the age of 13 should never be seated in the front of an automobile, but should be safely restrained in one of the rear seats.

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