Airline Negligence

Even for a veteran traveler, the experience of an airplane ride can be stressful at times. In spite of the inevitable bumps and jostles along the way, we usually manage to calm our nerves, confident that an experienced team of true professionals have our absolute safety as their number one priority.

Unfortunately, while commercial flights have been proven time and again to be the safest way to travel, they are not without their share of annual incidents. Some of these are the result of unforeseeable events, in which case the airline’s liability is limited. However, it is estimated that between 1982 and 1998, over 2,000 fatalities and countless more injuries occurred due to negligence on the part of the air carrier.

Some of the most high-profile and worrisome cases of negligence involve the pilots themselves. Several stories have emerged in which the person in control of the aircraft was intoxicated while flying, an obvious recipe for disaster. In another example, a pilot for Continental Airlines was recently charged with failing to take proper emergency procedures in a Denver runway crash that left almost 40 passengers injured.

Negligence is by no means limited to pilots. Improper aircraft maintenance, poor ground and air-traffic control, and even failures on the part of the flight attendants can all constitute negligent behavior. When it comes to airline safety, every incident has the potential to be a major one.

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