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Avoiding Yard Work Injuries

While working in your yard or garden can be one of the most satisfying and fruitful household tasks, it is not without its share of risks. Thousands of cases of yard-work related injuries are reported every year, some of them serious. To prevent accidents while working outside, consider following these simple steps:

  • Stretch out – A lot of yard work can be physically demanding. The repeated bending motions involved with raking or planting take an especially rough toll on the back muscles and spine. Try doing some light stretching and a quick jog, much as you might do before a sporting activity, with a focus on your back and legs.
  • Bend at the knees, not the waist – Related to the point above, this simple habit can prevent major problems down the line. Try to vary your motions as much as possible to keep any muscle set from bearing too much stress.
  • Dress right – The feet are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body when you work outside. Always use close-toed shoes to prevent foot injuries. If you are working with any equipment such as a lawnmower, weed trimmer, electric saw, or leaf blower, always cover your legs, hands, and arms. Above all, make sure your eyes are properly protected by an adequate pair of safety goggles.
  • Clean up – Especially important when working with lawnmowers, you should always clear the area in which you will be working of all debris, including sticks, leaves that could be covering impediments, and rocks.

Never allow children to perform yard-work unsupervised or without following all the steps listed above, and always check the equipment you will be using and surfaces upon which you will be working, including ladders and roofs.

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