Bird Bites

When we think of pet bites, our first thoughts are almost always of snarling pit bulls, ill-tempered housecats, or feisty hamsters. With these strong associations, it is easy to overlook the danger posed by a caged bird. However, dealing with bites is actually a huge part of bird ownership. While nipping or teething is a common and generally unproblematic feature of young birds, out-and-out biting remains a major instinct with most breeds, especially in older pets that do not recognize curious guests and children as part of their “family.”

In addition to not actively considering that birds are prone to bite to begin with, many people also do not realize just how powerful these bites can be. Did you know that some birds’ beaks can exert as much pressure as a dog bite, causing severe bleeding and even broken bones?

Birds may bite for a number of reasons and under a wide range of circumstances. For instance, although most bites occur due to fear, irritability, illness, or fatigue, some birds bite simply because they are excited, a state that will be conveyed through atypical body language as well. They may also become aggressively territorial of their space or even their owner.

In any and all cases, the best way to avoid a bite is to keep away from a bird that you are not familiar with, or, if you are the owner, knowing your pet well enough to make sure strangers give it the space and respect it needs.

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