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Burn Injuries from Hot Liquids

Few things can seem as comforting as a nice, hot cup of coffee in the morning. Everyday, millions of people rush through drive-thrus in order to pick up a cup of Joe before starting their busy days at work. But the rush to work is exactly what makes drinking coffee in the car a very dangerous part of any morning routine.

Coffee, no matter where it is made, is extremely hot when it first brews. But fast food restaurants have extra incentives to make their coffee more scalding than it could ever be when made at home in a coffee machine.

Scalding Dangers

Fast food restaurants can get a lot more coffee out of each bean when they brew it at extreme temperatures. This is why the coffee you get in the morning will likely singe your taste buds if you fail to wait for it to cool off.

But while burning your tongue is never fun, spilling scalding coffee on your body is much, much worse. Extremely hot coffee can cause intense burns that result in blistering and even serious scarring.

Keeping Yourself Safe

In order to avoid burns due to accidental spills, always place coffee in a proper and secure cup holder and do not attempt to take off the lid until you get to work.

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