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Caring for Dog Bite Wounds

Being attacked by a feral or even domesticated dog, can be a traumatizing and potentially deadly experience. Regardless of the severity of your wounds, it is very important to seek immediate medical attention to safeguard against rabies. It is typical procedure for dog bite victims to be administered a series of rabies shots. There are things that you should do at home in order to care for your wounds.

Keeping Your Wounds Clean

One of the biggest health risks after suffering a dog bite is the risk of infection. Swelling and reddening around a wound or cut is the body’s normal reaction, but it is also a sign of infection. Avoid infection by cleaning the wound at least twice a day. If the bite requires dressing, also change this regularly.

Take Medicine As Instructed

Some dog bites result in puncture wounds that require antibiotics. Antibiotics also fight against infection. It is important that they are taken as prescribed and until finished. Quitting the regiment before the drugs are finished could allow any infection that was there to come back.

Your Rights

Pet owners are responsible for any injury that their pet inflicts on someone else. As the victim of a dog attack you have the right to seek damages for your injuries and other suffering due to your wounds.

Speak with a Sheboygan Personal Injury Lawyer

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