Cars vs Bicycles

People know the dangers of car accidents. Most of us have seen or experienced them first hand. The injuries involved can range from minor or non-existent to severe or even death. However, there are other collisions that can be more dangerous than a car crash. When cars hit objects or people the results can be incredibly dangerous and injuries are almost always severe, if not fatal.

An example of this is a car hitting a person on a bicycle. This is incredibly dangerous, and usually avoidable. The main cause of cars hitting bicycles is the same as cars hitting motorcycles. The driver of the car does not notice the cyclist.

When driving, a person should be aware of all of his or her surroundings. This includes the people who are sharing the road. If a driver does not pay close attention while driving, accidents are bound to happen. Any accident can cause very serious injuries, but the chances of serious injury increase when a car hits a cyclist.

A car is much larger than a bicycle. This causes a very large transfer of force during impact. On top of this, a cyclist has no protection when on a bicycle. In a car there are seat belts, airbags, and other protections afforded to the driver. The entire car is a metal cage that is designed to protect the driver and passengers. Because a cyclist does not have these protections, the injuries sustained are more likely to be worse.

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