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Children’s Product Injury

When you buy products for your children, you expect them to be safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Although there are standards that must be upheld by product manufacturers, not all of them live up to those standards.

There are a lot of different injuries that can be sustained due to the negligence of manufacturers. Depending on the product and the level of negligence, your child could be lucky and barely be hurt, or could end up being killed by the product.

No parent wants to bury a child. There is nothing worse, and knowing that it could have been prevented makes the situation even harder. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers consider these things. Instead, they distribute dangerous products that can injure or kill young children.

Some of the most common ways in which this happens are some of the most preventable. Things like asbestos and lead exposure, choking or strangulation hazards, and burn or electrical injury are some of the most common dangers.

When manufacturers try to cut costs with materials that contain asbestos or lead, it can cause life long health issues for your children. Products that are designed for younger children, but have small parts can be choking hazards. There are also items that restrict air flow and suffocate or strangle children. Then there are the products that malfunction and burn or electrocute children.

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