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Curling Iron Dangers

When it comes to daily beauty regimens, women who like to put a little curl in their sometimes limp
hair usually opt for a curling iron. There are a number of ways to curl hair, such as the old pin curl
method popularized in the 1920s and hot curlers, but the curling iron has something these methods do
not. That something is speed. But while it is helpful to have a device that can give you full curls
without causing you to be late for work, curling irons come with their fair share of potential dangers.

Why Are Curling Irons Dangerous?

It is, in fact, the speediness of the curling iron that can make it a deadly device. It goes from being
cold to extremely hot in a matter of seconds. The hot end is almost completely exposed. The extreme
heat can result in serious burns to the scalp or forehead. The forearms and chest are also often the
subjects of these burns when the individual using the curler jerks her hand or is bumped from behind.

The other major danger from curling irons is fire. They are easy to forget about after use and few turn
off automatically. Thus, a curling iron could be left on all day long without notice. If anything is
placed near the curler, it could easily be set on fire.

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