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Dangers of Scalding Hot Beverages

One of the most famous personal injury cases cited at the time by some people to point out a need for tort reform was what is now known as the McDonald’s Coffee Case.

The Facts Behind the McDonald’s Case

Many people who heard about the McDonald’s lawsuit thought of it as a silly case involving a greedy woman who suffered no real injuries after spilling her morning coffee.

But in fact, the woman involved received third-degree burns to over 6 percent of her body after accidentally spilling her coffee. She was hospitalized and underwent skin grafting. In the lawsuit, she asked for little more than what would have covered medical costs.

Fast Food and the Temperature of Drinks

Fast food chains can save money by making coffee as hot as possible. They are able to get the most coffee out of each bean by keeping the water at scalding temperatures. Although most companies now print warning labels on their coffee containers, the temperature of the water in the beverage is often still kept at dangerously hot levels.

As a result, the slightest jolt to a car can result in scalding burns to the body. Extreme caution should always be taken when handling coffee and other hot beverages. Be sure to completely pull over before attempting to add cream or sugar, and wait at least 15 minutes before drinking the beverage.

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