Daycare Dangers

Every time a caring parent drops his or her children off at a daycare facility, they are relinquishing their ability to keep a keen eye on the children. Parents believe with a degree of certainly that their children will receive the best of care. They imagine their children having an experience everyday that is at least somewhat similar to what it would be at home. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

There are a number of reasons that parents decide to put their children in daycare. Times are changing and as the number of single-parent and double income households increase each year, so does the demand for day time care for their children. As a result, hundreds of new daycare facilities open up each year. Many of these day cares provide subpar or even straight-out negligent care for the children they are meant to protect. Supply and demand allows for bad daycares to exist.

Things to Look Out For at a Daycare

Daycares should be judged based on their staff as well as the facilities themselves. Beware of the following dangers:

  • Unsafe conditions: Many daycares are not properly sanitized or have items that can cause injury to small children.
  • Special attention issues: The child-to-staff ratio at some daycares is poor and children are sometimes ignored as a result.
  • Lying: Parents may be given inaccurate information regarding bumps or bruises their children have when they are picked up.

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