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Difference Between Civil and Criminal Suits

There is a different between negligence and intent, which is the reason why our legal system has two different types of lawsuits that you can file against someone if you have been injured or damage caused to your property. It is important to identity what your case fall under so that you can understand what type of lawyer you need as well as what you can expect as compensation for a guilty verdict.

Criminal Cases

“Criminal” suggests that in these types of cases there is someone who intentionally broke the law. Having intent to break the law is an important distinction, because courts obviously look down upon people that do try to live their lives outside of the law. In criminal suits there is usually a punishment that is given to the criminal, varying from community service, time in prison, or the death penalty, in the most extreme cases.

Civil Cases

On the other side of the breaking the law is civil suits. Civil suits usually deal with arguments between two people. These arguments usually involve placing blame on one person for injuries caused by accident or negligence. To rectify these mistakes, the court usually awards “damages” or monetary compensation for the injured person to live off of, use for medical bills, or to fix damaged property.

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