Dog Bite Danger

When people think of dogs, they generally think man’s best friend. Dogs can be friendly, loving companions that bring joy into people’s lives. However, they can also be very dangerous.

Dogs can attack people for various reasons. Many times these attacks are avoidable. Here are some common reasons for dog attacks:


Dogs can be very territorial. If they believe that you are intruding and crossing their boundaries, they may attack. This territory could include anything. A dog may believe that a house is its territory. The yard is also very common for a dog to claim as its own. However, some dogs extend their territory further.


Dogs can become aggressive and attack if they believe you pose a threat to something. This could include the family that owns the dog, or the dog’s puppies, or any number of other things. If a dog believes that you may harm its puppies, or its owner, it is very likely to attack.

It can be difficult to understand what a dog is thinking. If a dog is showing signs of aggression, you should try to avoid it. However, it is also a bad idea to make sudden movements or run away. This could provoke the dog to attack.

Dog attacks can be very dangerous. Diseases can be spread easily, and the bites and scratches can be dangerous as well.

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