Garage Door Injury

Garage door openers can be very convenient. Before the existence of these openers, people had to get out of their cars, open the garage door, get back into the car to drive it into the garage, get back out and close the door. This is an inconvenience that does not occur when you have a garage door opener. All of the getting in and out of your car is replaced with a simple press of a button. Unfortunately, this can also lead to danger.

Most automatic garages have safety mechanisms to prevent crushing when the door closes. This is usually a laser that crosses the door at the bottom. If the laser is broken, the garage stops and possibly goes back up. Unfortunately, these lasers do not always work. If this happens, it is possible for a person to be trapped underneath the garage door and possibly killed.

Death by garage door is far less likely to occur when there is no automatic opener. This is because the opener has a locking mechanism that does not exist on a manual door. Manual doors can only be locked in their down position, but automatic doors open and close on a stiff chain that does not allow leeway on the door.

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