Germs at the Gym

It can be difficult to exercise outdoors. It is hard to predict the weather and the winter often proves to be too cold to exercise at all, while the early spring is usually too wet. To have more consistency in what an exercise routine will be like, many people choose to get gym memberships instead of exercising on their own.

Aside from a stabilized climate, the gym also allows members access to a variety of different machines which are able to target certain muscle groups or fat zones. But while the gym is very convenient and comfortable for many, it is also a breeding ground for millions of germs and diseases.

A Great Place to Grow

Gyms have many people contained in a small space who are likely sweating and breathing heavily. This sweat gets all over machines, mats and stretching equipment. While machines are usually wiped down just once a day, equipment such as medicine balls and mats are often left unclean for months.

Another area of concern in the gym is the locker room. Locker rooms are moist and warm, which is the exact state in which fungi thrive. There is a reason athlete’s foot is named what it is. Walking around barefoot in the locker room can lead to a number of fungal diseases.

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