Go-Kart Dangers

Many parents and other adults believe go-karts to be harmless toys, a safe and fun way for children to get a thrill with a negligible degree of risk involved. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Every year, hundreds of go-kart accidents land adults and children alike in the hospital, often with severe injuries. In fact, the average time spent in a hospital for a go-kart injury is five days, with over half of the cases involving one or more surgical operations.

That a go-kart is smaller and slower than a car is often seen as a reason why they pose no significant threat. However, it is important to keep in mind that go-karts also include none of the safety features of larger automobiles with the exception of seatbelts. This means less protection from the environment and exposed mechanical components, such as gas tanks.

Besides the general false impression that go-karts are somehow immune to serious crashes, another major factor contributing to the prevalence of these types of accidents is the lack of regulations around privately-owned vehicles. Comparatively little attention is paid to the upkeep of private vehicles, resulting in a greater possibility of mechanically-related accidents. Public tracks are held to certain standards of maintenance, course safety, and supervision, although even these settings can prove dangerous if standards are not being adequately upheld.

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