Hair Dryer Dangers

Morning routines differ slightly from person to person, but many things stay largely constant. Waking up, hitting the alarm clock, rubbing your eye, making the trek to the bathroom, brushing teeth, taking a shower and flipping wet hair upside down and grabbing the hair dryer. But here is where the danger comes about.

Most people are groggy in the morning and not acting as vigilant about certain things as they usually would be. This is why some individuals fail to realize that they are combining the usage of an electrical appliance with large amounts of water.

Electrocution and Shock

There are varying degrees of danger associated with hair dryers. Not paying attention to what is going on can result in something as trivial as a slight scalp burn or the ends of hair becoming caught in the hair dryer motor. While these dangers are not pleasant and should be avoided, combining water with a hair dryer can kill in an instant.

Hair dryers that touch wet sinks can cause light shock but the serious threat comes when the device is submerged. Accidentally dropping a hair dryer into a clogged sink or a bathtub will result in electrocution to whoever is touching the appliance or the water. Even though the bathroom is convenient, keep hair dryers in the bedroom.

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