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Home Improvement Tools and Serious Injury

To some, nothing says “manly” quite like home improvement tools. For every birthday, anniversary, holiday or “just to say I love you” gift for the XY chromosomes in your life, a trip to the hardware store is in order. But while tools can be quite fun and are very popular gift choices, they are inherently dangerous and should never be thought of as toys.

Tool Dangers

Many of the most popular tools are also the most likely to cause harm. The following favorites should only be used with extreme caution as well as a good deal of pre-usage education:

  • Mechanical screw drivers: it is exactly what makes this tool so efficient that also makes it so dangerous. The speed with which a screw can be pushed through the wall can just as easily help push a screw through a hand.
  • Rotary saws: this high-powered device can cut off fingers and even hands in an instant.
  • Nail guns: it is actually illegal to carry these guns in certain places . This is understandable considering the potential they carry for causing serious injury, particularly when it is accidentally pointed at an eye.

In many cases of home improvement tool injury, defects in the products themselves are the cause. In such cases, the manufacturer could be held liable for any resulting injuries.

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