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Hotel Liability and Negligence

For people who travel regularly on business, hotels often become a sort of home away from home – a place to get comfortable, unwind, and perhaps get in touch with distant loved ones. Conversely, families who do not get a chance to get away too much can see a hotel room as a nice break from the stress of housekeeping, and maybe even as a chance to inject a tiny slice of luxury into life.

Unfortunately, for these exact reasons, hotels can also present a host of potential dangers to unsuspecting guests. Proprietors assume a certain degree of responsibility for the safety conditions of their premises. Slip and fall accidents on slick marble floors, electrical fires due to faulty wiring, and any number of other hazards that the owners should know about and keep the guests informed of could constitute a case of negligence.

Cases of liability are not limited to these familiar sorts of accidents. Any time the idea of “reasonable care” can be shown to have been violated, negligence may have occurred. Consider, for example, the couple suing a supposedly “pet-friendly” upscale New York establishment after their cats almost died as a result of getting into rat poison left in the room.

A hotel, motel, or inn can also be held responsible if they cannot provide a reserved room due to the practice of overbooking. Most hotel pools will include warning signs about the lack of a lifeguard on duty, but this is one area in which the responsibility falls mostly to the guest.

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