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Household Appliance Dangers

The average American household is chock-full of appliances that we take for granted. From the toasters and microwave ovens that have been kitchen standards for several decades, to the newest and sleekest food processors or most efficient space hearers, we are swamped with gadgets and gizmos that make everyday life more comfortable and convenient.

It comes as no surprise that we pay little attention to these objects. However, every year, millions of Americans are injured and even killed by accidents involving all sorts of kitchen and home appliances. Unfortunately, there is no getting around the fact that the more things we surround ourselves with, the more things can go wrong.

Misuse or improper handling is obviously a major concern – an iron left unattended and falling on a child, for example. Another typical injury would be the burns resulting from over-boiling water in a microwave, which can cause it to explode out of the surface. But just as often, faulting appliance wiring can spark electrical fires, or a ceiling fan made of poor materials or wrongly installed can come crashing down.

Keeping an eye on the appliances you and your family are using is obviously the first step in guaranteeing a safe environment. All too often, we neglect obvious signs of dysfunction (for instance, an unfamiliar noise when using a blender) because the assumption is that a household appliance cannot do too much harm.

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