Lead in Your Home

Lead is a very dangerous material that was once commonly used in paints. This, unfortunately, means that lead can pose a silent threat to you and your family far too often. There are certain attributes to lead based paint that make it more dangerous than it should be.

Lead in general is a highly toxic material that your body can barely withstand. If there is too much lead in your bloodstream, adverse medical effects can occur very quickly. In children, these effects generally take the form of growth and development problems. Lead poisoning can stunt your child’s health both physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, staying safe around lead is not always as easy as it should be. While homeowners and landlords are required to tell new tenants about the possibility of lead in older houses, they do not always live up to their end. On top of this, lead based paint has a tendency to chip and dust. It also has a sweet taste to it that makes young children more likely to want to eat the paint chips.

Unfortunately, keeping children from eating paint chips does not reduce the danger of lead based paint. The paint can start to decompose and send lead dust in the air. This can lead to lead poisoning caused by inhalation. It takes very little lead to cause medical issues.

A Sheboygan Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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