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Product Liability Definitions

Defective products have caused a lot of damage and injuries in our country. As more and more products are being manufactured outside of the United States, there is more chance of damaged goods or products not made to the Federal government’s standards.

Within product liability law there are many specific vocabulary terms that are used in these types of cases. If you are involved in a product liability case you should be aware of these terms and their definitions.

Here are some key terms:

  • Consumer product—a consumer product is any kind of product that is sold for household or personal purposes. For example: toys for your children, cars, or swimming pools.
  • Commission—the commission refers to the Federal Trade Commission that regulates laws concerning consumer products from within the United States and all goods being imported into the country.
  • Consumer—the consumer is anyone who buys these products. For example, both family and businesses who buy products would be considered consumers.
  • Supplier—the person or company who supplies the goods is responsible for the functionality and safety, while it is the Commission’s job to see that these rules are followed.
  • Reasonable and Necessary Maintenance—this is the responsibility that the suppliers have to the consumer that the products are safe and remain safe after being purchased.

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