Pedestrian Vs Car

You are walking down the street, simply minding your own business when a car jumps the curb and hits you. This is a terrible predicament to be in, but it happens. What do you do now?

Being hit by a car in any situation can lead to terrible effects. Even if you are in the protective cage of a car, the impact of another car can lead to serious injury and sometimes death. If you do not have any of the protection afforded by a car, the dangers can be even higher.

When a car hits a pedestrian, the risk of death is far higher than it is in a collision of two cars. This is because the mass of the car is so much greater than the mass of the person. Because the mass of the car is so great, it has a great deal of force to transfer to the person who is being hit.

If the person who gets hit is lucky, the damage done to him or her will be minimal. The car could simply clip the person. People who have less luck, however, could be severely injured with broken bones, internal or external bleeding, and any number of other injuries. This could lead to life long pain and suffering, and in some cases could end the person’s life.

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