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Pet Owner Responsibilities

Owning and caring for an animal can be more of a responsibility than most people may think. It is the pet owner’s job to ensure that the animal is fed, sheltered, cared for, and properly disciplined and restrained. Often times, people who decide to purchase or adopt a new pet do not fully think about what duties are adopted along with the new family member.

Before you opt to bring a dog or cat into your household, there are several things worth considering. A responsible owner should ask him or herself, “Am I ready for this long of a commitment? Do I have the time and financial backing to support this animal?” If you decide that you are, indeed, ready to adopt, then you must make yourself fully aware and prepared for all the duties that accompany the animal.

Pet Discipline and Safety

Your pet will require daily food, water, and shelter – but these are just the bare minimum needs. If the new pet is a dog or a cat, it will require daily play and care to keep it content and well-behaved. The animal will also require a certain amount of disciplining to keep it from attacking others or destroying personal items and spaces.

You must let the animal know that there are rules and it must abide by them. The pet should be properly tagged and collared so that others can identify it and you as the owner. Finally, pet owners must make sure that their animal is seen regularly by a veterinarian in order to keep it from getting sick or running the risk of infecting others with a disease such as rabies.

It is your responsibility as a pet owner to avoid maltreatment of your animal and to report suspected maltreatment of other animals to the proper authorities. It is also your responsibility to keep your animal restrained and quiet. Most communities will not tolerate excessive noise made by barking or howling.

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