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Playground Danger Part II

Children love playgrounds. These can be places of great fun, and can help your children maintain a healthy lifestyle with active playing. However, playgrounds can also be sources of danger. This is especially true with special types of swings.

While all swings have a certain amount of danger associated with them, special types of swings tend to be more dangerous. Some playgrounds have swings made for multiple people. These can be exceedingly dangerous.

A swing built for multiple people will have much more mass than a normal swing. This can be a recipe for disaster in some cases. Because the swing has so much more mass to it, if it hits anyone, the degree of injury is far more likely to be worse. There are also issues that can come up with these swings that do not come up with normal swings.

With large swings for multiple people there is a possibility of being trapped beneath them. This could lead to serious injury because it involves multiple impacts. A swing with as much mass as one of these has will not stop easily. This means that if a child gets trapped underneath it, the swing will hit him or her several times before stopping.

Playgrounds can be very dangerous places if you are not careful. While they are meant for fun and enjoyment, safety should always be your first priority.

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