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Roller Coaster Accidents

A visit to the local theme park or carnival is one of the most common ways for the American family to spend some time together in an exciting setting and to make a brief escape from the daily grind. Even if long lines, rain, or high ticket prices put a bit of a damper on these outings, the last thing a parent should have to think about is his or her child’s wellbeing on a roller coaster or other ride.

The official standards of safety that govern amusement parks have increased steadily over the years. However, at the same time, consumers are demanding bigger and bigger thrills, delivered by rides with more speed, sharper turns, and drops from greater heights. Moreover, as attention is focused on the experience of newer amusements, older rides may suffer from neglect in both active supervision and mechanical soundness.

Two Reasons for Roller Coaster Accidents

Injuries sustained from accidents at amusement parks are generally the result of two types of neglect:

  • Mechanical errors – these form the more obvious basis of fears concerning amusement park safety. Maintenance deficiencies can affect any number of components on a ride, from the vehicle carrying the passengers to the track on which it is traveling or the safety railing around it.
  • Operational errors – While less apparent, lack of proper supervision or improper handling of ride controls can have consequences just as deadly as mechanical errors. Troubling examples include a 7-year-old child allowed to ride an indoor boat ride without an adult who exited the ride and suffered fatal head trauma, or an infant of 12 months that was severely injured after falling two or three feet from a miniature train at a shopping mall.

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The owners and operators of amusement park rides should be accountable for any and all instances of obvious neglect and resulting injury on their property. If you or someone you love has been affected by the failure of safety standards on a roller coaster or other ride, contact the Sheboygan personal injury lawyer of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at (920) 459-8000 today.