Runway Safety

If you have been following the news lately, you have probably noticed an increase in airplane accidents and crashes in the United States. With the increased danger of flying, more and more people are demanding that the government mandate airports and airlines to implement more safety procedures to prevent tragic accidents from occurring.

Although the government has taken action to try and regulate airports, there are still many that do not meet current safety standards. This spells disaster for the people who continue to fly out of these dangerous airports.

The new safety standards that airports must comply with also have some unfortunate side effects. Airports are beginning to slow down with new rules and procedures, which equates to lots of delays for passengers. Most accidents involving planes actually occur on the ground, on or near the runway. In the past ten years, over 75 airplanes have been involved in accidents caused by veering off the runway or overshooting their landing.

Flying has long been considered the safest way to travel, even safer than your car. If you get in an accident due to an airline’s or airport’s negligence / failure to comply with the new rules of the government, pilot error, or other preventable mistake, you may be able to claim damages for your injuries.

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