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School Cafeteria Safety

The only time of day that most school age children look forward to more than the end of classes or recess is the lunch break. By noon, kids are usually starving not only for food, but for an opportunity to socialize without the threat of time out or the principal’s office.

School cafeterias should be a place for youngsters and adolescents to have a breather and enjoy some precious time off without worrying about their safety. However, stories that indicate a host of dangers related to these facilities are surprisingly widespread.

Substandard Conditions

For starters, there’s the issue of food quality and health inspections. Many public school districts are notorious for their poor oversight when it comes to food storage, handling, and preparation, and keeping kitchen areas clean.

Investigative reports have routinely uncovered rodent and cockroach infestations, rotten meat left exposed for days on end, broken freezers, expired milk and other products, and dirty utensils stored in bathrooms, among other serious violations.

Structural Hazards

Apart from these major health concerns, dining facilities may also present hidden risks involving structural integrity. Unlike gymnasiums – generally the largest single enclosed space on campuses – cafeterias are frequently located under several floors of classrooms, meaning that if the building is unsound, the roof of this room is one of the areas most prone to collapse. Obviously, such incidents can be catastrophic.

Finally, the cafeteria is the area of the school in which a fire is most likely to start. The number of electrical appliances and the high temperatures involved in industrial food processes means a deadly blaze is often just a single spark or negligent moment away.

The list of potential cafeteria injuries goes on, including falls on slick surfaces, burns, and of course, those resulting from the dreaded food-fight brawl.

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