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Household Product Safety

There are a great number of common household products that can cause serious injury due to defects or reactions. Fortunately, many of these injuries can be prevented by making sure that you use your products safely and follow all safety instructions included on the label of the product.

Always make sure that appliances are well grounded to avoid electrocution. If you have grounded plugs, do not use adapters to fit them into ungrounded outlets. This can cause dangerous malfunctions and injury.

Keep electrical appliances away from water and water sources such as faucets and sinks. Water can greatly increase the danger of electrocution and make your appliances very dangerous to be around. In some cases, introducing water to appliances can lead to sparking and fire.

Keep chemicals out of reach of children. Many household cleaners have dangerous fumes and can be harmful if ingested. Certain chemicals can become extremely dangerous when mixed. Use child proofing devices to lock cabinets and keep children from playing with or around chemicals.

Know your products. Certain chemical cleaners become dangerous when mixed. Bleach and ammonia create a very toxic gas when combined. While bleach is generally very prominently displayed on product labels, other products may contain ammonia that you don’t know about. Try to keep chemicals separate at all times to reduce the risk of combining the wrong ones.

While there are steps and measures that can be taken to decrease the risk of injury, some products have been negligently manufactured with defects. Sometimes, there is little to nothing that can be done to prevent the types of injuries that result from these defective products. Manufacturers should be held responsible for any injuries that you or your family may suffer due to the defects found in the product.

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