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Medical Malpractice

You may be wondering what constitutes medical malpractice. It cannot cover everything that goes wrong in a medical setting. Unfortunately, there are times when certain things go wrong that cannot be helped; however, there are also times when the things that went wrong could have easily been prevented. This is where medical malpractice occurs.

Medical malpractice is a form of negligence. The health care provider strays from the medically acceptable standards of practice, causing injury to the patient. This injury can range from pain and suffering to death, and everything in between. In cases like these, the health care provider must be held accountable for the mistakes that he or she has made.

Unfortunately, medical malpractice is far more common than it should be. In 2004, a study showed that medical malpractice through negligence in hospitals caused a higher percentage of severe outcomes than in outpatient settings. The total number of deaths and errors caused by negligence was higher in outpatient settings.

In 2006, another study found that medication errors were some of the most common forms of negligence. This study showed that approximately 1.5 million people are affected by medication errors every year. Nearly half of these mistakes occur in long-term care settings, and close to a quarter occur in hospitals.

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