Ski Lift Accidents

While many of the accidents that occur on the slopes each year are the product of two people colliding, in most cases, the ski resort or lift operator will be held liable for injuries that are a result of a ski lift operator’s errors.

Ski lifts are potentially very dangerous machines. They can get jammed and cause people to be stuck on the lifts for hours. Another problem is wind. The chairs are left hanging in the wind and are not given a whole lot of support. As such, most resorts will not run their lifts if there is bad weather.

When lifts are left running in extreme wind, it is possible for the wires to snap and cause people to fall. While it is true that most lifts are not located too far off of the ground, they are still high enough that falling from that height can cause serious issues, not to mention the problem that a person can then slide down the mountain with nothing to grab onto.

Another problem occurs when the operator fails to allow patrons on and off of the lift properly. This can result in broken limbs and other issues. The ski lifts actually have a lot of power behind them. When people aren’t allowed to get off reasonably, injuries can occur. A ski lift could be running too fast or the strip of snow at the top of the mountain could have been worn away. There are a number of situations where ski lifts can cause injuries when letting people off.

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