Sledding Injuries

When well-supervised and guided by certain basic points of safety, sledding can be a fun, rewarding experience for children young and old. However, every year, thousands of people are injured in sled-related accidents across the nation when these standards are not followed. A combination of high speeds, slick conditions, and poor decision-making can quickly spell disaster during a particularly wild ride.

Many do not consider sledding to be an incredibly dangerous pastime, especially compared to more intense snow-based activities such as skiing or snowboarding. In fact, one of the problems involved with sledding is its very informality.

Unlike other winter sports, which are generally performed in clear, well-groomed areas, sledding often takes place on the closest hill to the home or playground. In the rush to get outside, many children will not pay attention to the hazards of fixed objects, such as trees, fences, and lampposts.

Moreover, since it is seen as such a typical activity, the dangers of unsupervised activity are not always taken into account by adults that should be responsible for keeping watch. If left to their own devices, kids are almost always guaranteed to take serious risks, such as sliding head-first or standing up.

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