Snow Ski Accidents

Snow skiing, while being a fun and exhilarating sport, can also be quite dangerous. Each year, thousands of people are injured while skiing or snowboarding down a mountain. In 2001, about 278,000 ski accidents were reported.

The injuries sustained from such incidents ranged from fractures and lacerations to concussions and, in extreme cases, death. Accidents can occur from improper technique, loss of control while in motion, improper use or fitting of equipment, or faulty gear.

Preventing Skiing Accidents

Proper precautions must be taken in order to prevent such devastating incidents from occurring. All skiers should ensure that they stay on properly scaled trails for their skill level. Newcomers to the sport should not tackle slopes beyond their level of experience before they are ready.

The correct stance and techniques should be used while the skier is in motion. This prevents the body from experiencing unwanted torque in its joints – especially the knees.

Warming up the body before exercising it hard is also highly recommended. This prevents muscle strains and tears. Make sure that you stay on the marked trail in order to avoid unwanted contact with trees, deep snow, and avalanches.

Finally, always ensure that your equipment is properly fitted and without defects. Never borrow skis or boots from someone else without first adjusting them to fit your body.

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