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Space Heater Dangers

Space heaters provide a cheap, convenient, and efficient way of adding a little extra warmth to rooms and households across the country. Traditionally, most of these appliances of this nature were bulky, gas-powered contraptions. These days, they are mostly electric, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate all situations.

As useful as they may be, space heaters are not without their fair share of potential dangers. Apart from the typical appliance concerns of electrical fires sparked by cord problems, space heaters have been known to result in devastating and costly house fires when they malfunction or are placed near flammable objects. In fact, it has been estimated that these blazes are responsible for nearly one hundred deaths across the country every year, and losses over several hundred thousand dollars are not uncommon to unfortunate homeowners.

If you think a space heater is the right choice for your family, or if you already own one, be sure to follow these basic safety tips when using the appliance:

  • Look for a brand tested by a nationally-recognized consumer corporation.
  • Keep the heater a good distance from any flammable material, such as drapes, couches, or clothes. Try to find a flat space where it will not be knocked over.
  • As is advisable with many appliances, never leave the heater running unattended or while you sleep.

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