Stroller Spills

Any parent of a newborn or toddler can attest to just how nerve-wracking the job can be. It seems that every object in sight is suddenly a potential cause for harm, every stranger in a crowd a baby-snatching villain. Moreover, kids of this age are notoriously efficient at seeking out danger and creating havoc, so absolute vigilance at all times is crucial.

One area that many parents may not necessarily pay that much attention to when it comes to looking out for their children’s health and wellbeing involves strollers and similar forms of transport. Compared to the risk of carrying an infant on your shoulder or dragging a newly-walking tot through busy streets, these devices appear to be the safe and sensible choice in the majority of cases.

Unfortunately, every year, thousands of children are injured and even killed in stroller-related accidents. One tragic example that occurred recently involved a mother who took her eye off her child’s stroller to write down a phone number, and looked up to find it had slipped downhill and into a nearby pond. Despite the best efforts of rescue paramedics, the infant could not be revived.

The case mentioned above is a terrible reminder of how even a split-second of negligence can have devastating results. However, sometimes this negligence is not the fault of the parent, but rather a problem of design or assembly in the product itself.

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