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Tractor Accident Prevention

One of the most common types of farm-related injuries and deaths are tractor accidents. Each year, close to 1,000 people in the United States are killed in these accidents. Tractor accidents usually involve the tractor tipping or falling over, but sometimes may be caused by a defect or poor maintenance.

Overview of Safety Measures

The best way to prevent a tractor accident is to take certain safety measures. These measures include maintenance and refueling (see below). Along with following these measures, farmers and other tractor operators need to be well-trained and qualified to operate these vehicles. In most states, a license is required, and to obtain that license, the operator usually must pass certain written and driving tests.

Tractor Maintenance

Like taking care of a car or other type of vehicle, taking care of a tractor requires the performance of periodic maintenance. In taking these measures, the mechanic, or responsible individual, should check following items:

  • Fuel and oil levels
  • Tire condition and air pressure level
  • Clear visibility in front, in back, and on the sides
  • Air cleaner and coolant
  • Operational brakes
  • Lights
  • Operational steering

Performing tractor maintenance, however, depends on the type of tractor. For specific instructions on performing tractor maintenance, workers should consult the appropriate tractor operation manuals.


Refueling a tractor is important for the safety of the vehicle. Improper refueling can lead to fire or exposures. This occurs more often with tractors than other types of vehicles because the gas used in tractors vaporizes easily. In other words, when the gas is vaporized, it may form mixtures that are highly flammable or explosive.

To prevent these dangers, farmers should take the following precautions:

  • The tractor should never be refueled while it is running or hot.
  • Farmers should not smoke near a tractor while refueling.
  • Tractors should always be refueled outside.

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