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Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Your spinal cord is an important bundle of nerves that carries instructions from the brain to the rest of the body and also gathers information from sensory nerves in the body to send back to the brain. Thus, when you suffer from a spinal cord injury, you can lose both your ability to move as well as your senses of touch and temperature.

Although your backbone offers protection, flexibility, and structural support to your spinal nerves, it cannot always protect you in a serious accident. If you have suffered from a spinal cord injury due to another person’s negligence, you may be eligible for financial compensation to help you on your road to recovery. To discuss your case, contact a Sheboygan personal injury attorney from Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® today at (920) 459-8000.

How are Nerves Damaged?

Nerves are specialized cells that can relay information as fast as almost 400 feet per second in some muscle connections. However, nerves are also very delicate, and damage to these cells can be permanent. There are five main ways in which the nerves of the spinal cord can suffer from injuries, including:

  • Concussion – the spinal column is jolted so that the nerves are temporarily stunned and unable to transmit information
  • Contusion – occurs when a bruise happens inside the spinal column, which can place pressure on the delicate nerve cells and can cause permanent damage
  • Compression – happens as something presses against the nerves, such as a herniated disc or even a foreign object
  • Tear – occurs when nerve cells are partially severed
  • Cut – happens when the entire spinal cord is completely severed

Depending on the extent of your damage, your loss of function can be temporary or permanent. Permanent nerve damage may leave you with paraplegia or quadriplegia, leaving you permanently disabled.

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After an accident, you may have much more to worry about than simply resting and recovering. You can face medical bills, missed time at work, and emotional anguish. In some cases, you can receive financial compensation from the party at fault in order to help you with your pain and suffering. Contact a knowledgeable Sheboygan personal injury lawyer from Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® at (920) 459-8000 today to learn more.