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Water Park Accidents

Those summer months when the heat is intense and the kids are out of school seems like the perfect time to go to your local water park or make a trip to a larger park. However, water parks may not be as safe as you might think.

Although there are usually many lifeguards on duty, remember that these are just kids, working long hot hours, without much realization of the dangers that they are there to prevent. There are usually hundreds of people on the slides and pool of water parks, which is usually way too many. Kids are especially in danger. While there are height requirements, children are regularly let on slides that are much too dangerous for them.

There have been many incidents of children getting stuck in tunnels, being hit by others, dropping into pools from great heights, only to hit their heads on the bottom of the pool or on the side. With so many people in the water, it is hard to identity an emergency in all the hustle and bustle.

There is also the risk of disease. Again, with such a large volume of people in the water, there is bound to be sharing of germs and illnesses. People get cut, letting blood into the water, and if you or your child has an open wound, could unknowingly catch the disease.

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