Water Safety

During the summer, water based activities become very popular. The fun involved with being around water appeals to almost everyone. There are many activities that can be enjoyed that involve water as well. Things like swimming, boating, jet skiing, and everything under the sun. However, these fun activities can quickly take a turn toward danger.

Drowning is a very big danger associated with any water activity. Although drowning is avoidable, people find themselves in situations that increase the risk of drowning every year. However, there are some easy things to remember that can help you avoid dangerous situations.

Never swim alone. Whether you go to the swimming pool, a lake, the beach, or anywhere else, swimming alone is a huge risk. No matter which venue you go to, there are dangers that can put you in a situation where drowning is likely. This can often be avoided by having at least one other person with you when you swim. Even if that person does not know water rescue techniques, their presence allows them to call for help if anything happens.

Follow posted rules. If you go to a swimming pool, there are rules posted around it. There are rules and guidelines that you should adhere to in order to reduce risk. If you are not sure what these rules or guidelines are, ask someone.

Water activities can be great fun, but if they become dangerous, the fun disappears.

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