What is Negligence?

If you have ever been involved in a personal injury case you have probably heard the term “negligence” being thrown around a lot. Negligence is what most people are charged with if they are believed to be the cause of an accident or some other type of personal injury case. Negligence in the regular world usually just refers to someone being careless, but in the legal world it is much more complicated and based in specific offense against another person, at least in order to be proved.

In most personal injury cases, the person who is injured is trying to prove several things about the person who injured them, stating that they:

  • Failed to fulfill a legal duty (the duty of every citizen to another not to harm another person)
  • Caused the accident
  • Injured and caused damage to the plaintiff

It is up to the accused person to either blame the other person or prove that they were not being negligent. The best way to prove this is to illustrate the accident, how it happened, and explain why the actions taken were what any reasonable person would do in that same position. Negligence is defined as something that a reasonable person would not do, and was more than just careless, but at fault.

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