Whiplash is a term used to describe pain experienced after an accident in which an excessive amount of force is applied to the neck. Most whiplash injuries are associated with automobile accidents and affect the ligaments, tendons, or muscles in the spine. You can also get whiplash because of an accidental fall, assault, or sports accident. Whiplash is sometimes referred to as a cervical sprain or hyperextension injury.

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Symptoms of Whiplash

Many people do not realize they are suffering from whiplash until a day or two after an accident because of the delayed effect common with whiplash injuries. Whiplash victims usually suffer one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Vision problems
  • Loss of motion in the neck
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Severe neck pain
  • Ringing in the ears or blurred vision
  • Dizziness

Many people counter these symptoms with pain medication or physical therapy, but you should consult your doctor if you experience severe pain after an accident. He or she can determine the severity of your injury and develop a treatment plan.

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