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$17 Million Award Personal Injury Case in Ontario Court

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The Ontario Court of Appeals held up a 2006 verdict to award $17 million in a personal injury case.  This sum represents the largest personal injury settlement ever awarded in a Canadian court.  The case was based on a 1997 accident where a toddler fell from a fifth story window.  The toddler sustained a debilitating, frontal lobe brain injury from the fall through a broken screen.  Charges were pressed against the landlord and apartment complex, as numerous repair requests had been submitted prior to the accident.

The child survived the accident but remained in a coma for several weeks.  Unfortunately, he was unable to fully recover from the traumatic injuries and will require around the clock professional care for the remainder of his life.  In addition, the boy will never develop mentally past the age of twelve due to the severe nature of the brain injuries.  In sum, the award is in excess of $17 million with interest added.

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