Pitt Bull Attacks Elderly Man and Dog

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79-year-old Antonio Nitti was attacked in Notre Dame de Grâce by a Pitt Bull, resulting in serious injuries on Thursday, August 7th.  Nitti was taking his son’s Lhasa Apso for a walk down the street when the Pitt Bull attacked, biting the man’s left had repeatedly and tearing off large portions of skin.  Nitti’s hand had to be heavily bandaged as a result of the attack.

The Pitt Bull also attacked the Lhasa Apso, named Gizmo, that Mr. Nitti was walking.  Even after he picked up Gizmo to prevent further attack, the Pitt Bull continued biting the small dog.  The attack only stopped when Mr. Nitti threw Gizmo into a garbage can to protect him from the attacking dog.

This event has re-sparked debate over possibly banning certain breeds of dog known for aggressive behavior.  The Pitt Bull in question has a history of aggressive behavior and violence according to the dog’s neighbors.  The owners insisted that the dog had never attacked a human before the incident with Mr. Nitti.

While both Mr. Nitti and Gizmo survived the attack, doctors have stated that Mr. Nitti will most likely need a skin graft as a result of his injuries.

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