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Teachers Seek Right to Sue Light Bulb Maker

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Three Oregon teachers spoke at the state capitol on Wednesday, seeking the right to sue the manufacturer of a type of light bulb which they say caused injury to their eyes.  The teachers had successfully lobbied to ban the metal halide light bulbs from public schools two years earlier.

Under Oregon state law, product liability lawsuits must be filed within eight years of the product's purchase.  As a result, the teachers were not eligible to sue the light bulb maker. Oregon is one of the few states in the country which has such a legal provision.  State lawmakers are currently considering Senate Bill 307, which would extend to 25 years the amount of time plaintiffs have to file a liability lawsuit after purchase.

Denise Fletter, one of the teachers who spoke on Wednesday, must wear sunglasses and has now had to give up teaching due to eye damage she said was caused by exposure to the bulbs.  The teachers claim that the faulty design of the light bulbs in question led to the leaking of ultraviolet radiation.  The bulbs were removed from schools in 2007.

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