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Safety Tips for the Season of Road Trips

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ABC's Good Morning America reports that summer is the time of roadtrips, and, while most of us are aware of the dangers in the car, there is one area that we always overlook. George Clark of Wisconsin learned this lesson the hard way.

Clark was coming back from a Boyscout Leader retreat when a car pulled in front of them. Their vehicle hit the car while traveling 50 miles an hour when, "the untethered child booster seat next to Clark slammed into his head, crushing his cheekbone and jaw," reports Good Morning America. After multiple reconstructive surgeries, Clark is ok but wants to warn others of the dangers of unsecured items in the car.

Good Morning America writes that anything that is not secured can become a projectile in a crash scenario. The faster your car is driving, the more force the projectile will have when it hits you. When you pack for your next roadtrip, make sure you secure all items. It's best to just store all your travel belongings in the trunk. Good Morning America reports, "At 55 miles per hour, a 20-pound object hits with 1,000 pounds of force — so powerful that a suitcase can literally sever the arm of a crash test dummy." It's best not to take any chances.

Sheboygan personal injury lawyers Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® wish you a safe and happy summer road trip season.