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Deadly Dog Attack Leaves Victims Furious with Police

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One man is dead and four are injured after a deadly animal attack in Memphis, Tenn., Tuesday. 71-year-old William Parker, "was mauled by the dogs as he cut through a wooded area near his home to
go to the corner store near Manassas and Poplar Avenue," according to Memphis' My Eyewitness News. Authorities say they think Parker had a heart attack as the dogs were attacking him. The dogs also wounded Kevin Stringfellow, who tried to save Mr. Parker. Parker's granddaughter also intervened, sustaining critical injuries. The final two injured were the emergency responders at the scene.

An entire neighborhood is up in arms. They report that they had called police over the weekend to complain about the pit bulls. The pit bulls' owner has been picked up by police because he was a wanted sex offender. According to neighbors, his girlfriend put the dogs outside because she was afraid they would attack her while she was inside the house.