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Safe Cosmetics Act introduced to regulate cosmetics industry

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The Safe Cosmetics Act is a bill that was introduced into Congress last week. The bill would set up standards for regulating the cosmetics industry, an industry that has long used chemicals in its products that are linked to health problems.

Cosmetics in recent years have been found to contain more than 12,500 chemicals, the majority of which have never been tested. These chemicals include formaldehyde, metals, and triclosan, as well as chemicals that have been thought to cause birth defects and cancer. The Safe Cosmetics Act would require cosmetics companies to routinely test their products and to stop using chemicals that are unsafe. Also, the FDA would have the authority to recall any products found to be usafe.

According to U.S. Rep. Schakowsky, "The growing number of reports of serious health problems arising from the use of dangerous chemicals in personal care products show a need to update our laws and protect men, women, and children from harmful exposure." With the Safety Cosmetics Act, many are hoping that health problems caused by cosmetics will be ended.

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